Greeting | Kureha (Changshu)Fluoropolymers Co.,Ltd

First of all, thanks a lot for distinguished guests to visit our home page of KUREHA (CHANGSHU) FLUOROPOLYMERS CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "KFPC").


As one of KUREHA overseas companies, KFPC was established in January 2012, located in Changshu Advanced Materials Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. In April 2014, the factory which annual output of 5,000 tons PVDF was completed and brought on stream. Kurehas PVDF brand KF Polymer has been recognized, supported and cultivated by many customers since 1970s. Into this newly established KFPC also, we introduced high-standard quality management and latest technology same as KUREHA Japan.


While environmental protection and energy problems became a focus of worldwide attention, KF Polymer is widely used in these market, e.g. binder for lithium ion battery, back sheet film of solar cell and hollow fiber membrane for water treatment. Our products are supported by a lot of customers because of their superior weather resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and highly reliable quality. KUREHAs new medium-term plan Kurehas Challenge 2018 explicitly declared that this fluorine business is one of the important business units and it should be promoted for the future of KUREHA group. KUREHA will input more business resources into this business unit. The whole KUREHA group expects the success of KFPC business.


KFPC will always grow up under the competitive market environment, with our best efforts to listen to the needs of customers and to make consensus with customers. We KFPC will work together to provide customers with higher technology, higher quality and more competitive products.


In addition, following the KUREHA group philosophy of "We treasure people and natural environment. we will treasure people and nature in Changshu also. We expect to be trusted by all of stakeholders, customers, vendors, employees and community residents. We always try our best to become the indispensable company, and hope to get the consistent support and understanding from all stakeholders. Thank you!


General Manager