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Kureha (Changshu)Fluoropolymers Co.,Ltd


KUREHA (CHANGSHU) FLUOROPOLYMERS CO., LTD (KFPC) is established by KUREHA in January of 2012 with registered capital of USD60 million. The project construction is divided into two phases with 5,000MT production capacity of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) respectively. The first phase project construction has been finished and begun production since April of 2014.

KFPC is located in Jiangsu Changshu Advanced Materials Industrial Park (AMIP) and occupies land of 90,000m². The advanced and unique production equipment and technology is totally from Kureha and product is specially used in Li-on battery binder, solar battery back sheet, high performance engineering plastic and water treatment fiber, etc. and is mainly for America, Europe and Asia especially China market.

Kureha was established in 1944 and became listed company in TSE in 1949. Kureha head office is in Tokyo and owns over 40 branch companies in over 10 countries worldwide. Kureha is an international group company mainly producing special chemicals and resins. Company’s product line is centered in three fields---high performance chemical materials, pharmaceuticals and pesticides and high resistant packaging materials. Kureha has its own R&D and core technology and products such as carbon fiber and hard carbon materials, etc. and is also one of the several main worldwide producers of PVDF which is widely used in Li-on battery binder, solar battery back sheet and water treatment fiber, etc. According to the latest statistics, Kureha’s PVDF market share in Li-on battery is over 50% of the total world market.

As the KUREHA Group's largest production base of KF series products overseas, under the comprehensive support of technology, production, and quality by Japan IWAKI mother plant, KFPC will insure to provide users of KF series products with the best quality products and service.

Being the biggest overseas KF POLYMER™ production base of Kureha group, with technical, production and quality management support from mother plant in Iwaki of Japan, KFPC will keep providing excellent KF PLOYMER™ products and service to our customers worldwide.

China Government advances the ecology movement, and they are trying to develop the new energy vehicle business and the solar battery business with their policy. Kureha group believes China market will be successfully expanded, and we are always willing to develop our products innovatively and to grow ourselves with China growth.