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KFPC Newly Established its ‘Technical Center’

Time:2017-07-07 Click:1049

On June 1st, 2017, Kureha (Changshu) Fluoropolymers Co., LTD. (KFPC) has launched ‘Technical Center’.

KFPC’s product, KF Polymer(PVDF) is using as “binder” by lithium-ion battery (LiB)manufacturers. It is surely expected sales of EV and PHEV will be increased due to global environmental policy. Under the current situation of clean energy business, LiB manufacturers are trying to improve its performance, because LiB is the key device of EV and PHEV, and also they are focusing to use latest materials, binder is one of important materials, and they are researching new combinations of each material to launch advantageous battery, to be a winner of the LiB market.

Thereby KFPC established Technical Center to enable valuable inputs and technical support to LiB manufacturers in China quickly, by customizing active material and binder based on Kureha’s high-leveled technical expertise.

KFPC Technical Center provides service to meet customers’ needs, and we will aim to be the Global No.1 position in binder business.